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Cookxy is a publisher of cookbooks, art books, photographs and feature books. It is at the service of all authors looking for a publishing and communication company for the publication of their books (cookbooks, feature books, institutional books).
From financing to distribution, Cookxy accompanies you throughout your project.

Publish your book!

Editing a book or a collection allows you to put your talent into words and images, your know-how, your expertise and your passion!

It is a unique communication tool that allows you to leave a trace in time. It is the ideal support for qualitative internal and external communication.

Du Sens dans Ma Cuisine livre de Caroline Bergmans photo Isabel Lepage sortie nationale Mai 2019
The book is a prime, beautiful object that leaves its mark, by capitalizing on your experience and its beautiful design:
  • it creates a dialogue and a privileged relationship with its readers.
  • It delivers a clear, authentic and lasting message.
  • it helps to attract new customers.

séance de prise de vue photo Isabel Lepage

Who are we?

Photographers, journalists, project managers, graphic designer, editors, the Cookxy Édition’s team, expert and attentive, is made up of recognized collaborators from the world of reporting and media (publishing, press, television and radio).
Our enthusiastic globe-trotters work in France and abroad.

Cookxy Édition's desire and its intimate conviction is that one can bring a man's or a company's talent and history to light by helping him publish his book.

Cookxy helps you to define an editorial policy, and your financing plan!

Cookxy Édition is aimed at all professionals, companies, craftsmen and individuals who wish to share their experience and know-how by putting their work, their brand, their company, their establishment in words and images thanks to the custom-made book.

Cookxy Édition helps its customers to find financing solutions for books by setting up actions such as :

  • crowdfunding,
  • pre-order with customized warrants,
  • and/or product placement in the book with beautiful pictures...
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Cookxy Édition is also a global communication agency. Based on the universe created for the book, Cookxy designs :
  • a website that looks like you
  • your corporate video presentation
  • your communication and promotional materials