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Are you a chef? Do you own a restaurant?

A collection of recipes and experience !

“Gastronomie & art de vivre”

A book is an essential tool for your business growth; it allows you to showcase the quality, skill and dedication of your team. It solidifies the credibility of your establishment and gives your employees the credit they deserve.

Cookxy Éditions has launched the collection called “Les Talents”, a collection of cookery and reports dedicated to restaurants, chefs and hotels.

Do you own a restaurant? Are you a chef?
This collection will showcase your personality, skills and recipes. It allows you to highlight the connections you made through your partnerships.

Are you a Hotelier?
This collection will reveal the quality, atmosphere and soul of your hotel by putting forward its unique qualities.

Do you run a school or a professional training-centre?
Our collection will showcase your didactic methods and the school’s specific features and the resources provided to both teachers and students.

A major tool of communication!

A book is a unique medium to highlight your team and your enterprise.
Cookxy Éditions can help you create a custom-built book by choosing the best recipes and reports from an editorial point of view.
To publish your book, we entirely ensure these different steps:
  • Conception
  • Writing
  • Formatting
  • Mock-up, design and print
  • Promotion
We rely on our partners’ experience to optimise your and your team’s time.

Patrice Balny photo tirée du livre Tables Prodigieuses

Promotion and communication tools:

An ISBN will be assigned to your book in order to ensure a listing. To ensure better visibility and impact for your book’s release, we will guide you through all marketing and communication decisions.

pêle mêle de  photo reportage suite à un voyage au Vietnam en compagnie des chefs Thierry Drapeau et Sakal Phoeung Ho Chi Minh  photos Isabel Lepage
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