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Are you an enthusiast, a collector?

Do you have a personal or family project? Do you wish to publish a custom-built book on a small scale?  


Let us discover your universe, we will gladly put it into writing!

Cookxy Éditions has launched “Savoir-vivre”, a collection dedicated to enthusiasts.
  • You wish to write a book about your passions, or a project you care about. You are a collector, a gardener, an amateur cook, an artist? Share your passion through a book!
  • You would like to convey your passion, to indulge you or your close relations?
Entrust us with your project!

We have a team ready to help you to create the perfect book. We will gladly accompany you throughout each step of the creating process, from text to photos, from mock-ups to the final version, all according to your budget, ideas and remarks.

A personalised medium!  


Cookxy Éditions is at your service to conceive your book but also, if you desire, take responsibility for:

  • Defining an editorial policy
  • Designing and conceiving a mock-up
  • Doing photos, interviews and more
  • Writing, correcting and translating your texts
  • Doing a follow-up of the production

Other additional options are:
  • Financing aid through crowdfunding, pre-ordering or subscriptions in "e-shop" of Cookxy
  • Introducing and listing your book to French bookshops and major online shops

Advantages of owning a book


Publishing a book or an editorial collection puts your words and images to your project, work and skills.

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