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TABLES PRODIGIEUSES Marie-Hélène de Rothschild

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Order the book of recipes and stories of chef Patrice Balny written by Frédéric Hamelin in tribute to Marie-Hélène de Rothschild.

We are glad to announce this incredible project we are working on since 20 months.

Indeed, we have been contacted by the chef Patrice Balny in order to realize with him a book that is very close to his heart, a project that he has had in mind for a long time and that is taking shape.

Patrice Balny is a "private chef" who has been using his know-how and talent for 30 years in the service of the Rothschild family.
He had the immense honour, as he likes to say, of cooking for Marie-Hélène de Rothschild for 10 years. Having joined her service at a very young age, he wishes to retrace the different places and the 10 years spent in the service of Madame la Baronne in this book of 25 recipes and stories written with his friend the journalist Frédéric Hamelin.

This book allows you to discover the stories and anecdotes surrounding the cuisine and recipes created by the chef Patrice Balny for the Rothschild family. It recounts the bygone era when sumptuous dinners for the world's leaders and politicians, joyous and fancy-dress parties where artists mingled and more intimate family moments marked the life of Madame la Baronne and her chef. From the Hotel Lambert in Paris where it all began, to the Manoir de Meautry, or the Chateau de Ferrières, via Marbella and Marrakech, the journey is beautiful and gourmet and the stories are not lacking in spice.

Texts, photos, illustrations, this 316 pages book in French is a beautiful tribute to an exceptional woman and a unique work due to its content and its prestigious format in a box. 

Its contents cover the five places where the chef Patrice Balny cooked for the Baroness.
Discover in this beautiful book the favourite recipes of Marie-Hélène de Rothschild and let yourself be carried away by the stories and memories of the chef.

Château de Ferrières
- Pigeon, cabbage with smoked bacon
- Mousseline of sole fillets and macaroni with truffles and asparagus
- Fillets of Saint-Pierre, candied aubergines and artichokes
- Vasarely painting
- Reversed with apples
- Sultans' Timbale
French and English recipe booklet

Hotel Lambert
- Brouillade with truffles in jelly "BHL 
- Quails in Port wine
- Poularde Ronald Reagan
- Gratin of white peaches on raspberry coulis and Sauterne sabayon
- Lobster 70
French-English recipe booklet

- Cream of red pepper and black olive whip
- Monkfish with broad beans and tomatoes with herbs
- Cherry soup with raspberry wine
- Salmon heart with vegetable hair
- Cockle Risotto with Fennel
French-English recipe booklet

Dar Zuylen Palace, Marrakech 
- Sea bream with spiced honey
- 7 o'clock lamb with hedgehog potatoes
- Candied orange pie
-Honey pancakes
French-English recipe booklet

Domaine de Méautry
- Chocolate soufflé "YSL 
- Salad of prawns with parsley, sauce vierge (or Marbella)
- Champagne granita
- Peach Bellini "Souvenirs of Venice 
French-English recipe booklet

This is a beautiful object, a unique and precious gift worth 118 euros.
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