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98 portraits, 98 recipes, 98 tips "a legacy of know-how"

"For the first time, the Artisans Bouchers, Butchers Charcutiers and Caterers of France have published their recipes and tips in this beautiful 224-page book.

You will find in this book 98 recipes classified by type of meat and by department, the opportunity for you to make a beautiful French gastronomic journey. From everyday recipes to those for family and festive occasions, "98" is an indispensable book in your gourmet library, to be leafed through without moderation.

This is a practical cookbook, written simply, step by step, so that the recipes are easy to make at home.
You will find an index of recipes that I have classified by theme: planchas, stews, roasts or salads to help you find recipe's ideas easily. You will also find Gilles Dumesnil's tips, an artisan butcher in Seine-Maritime, on how to store meat properly... 
Order the book online or give it as a gift! It is a 100% French edition with a beautiful hardback cover and a bookmark.

Nice discovery and bon appétit! " 
Isabel Lepage

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